At the beginning of each year, they are required to bring the following:


  • a mattress!

  • bathing bucket

  • towel

  • underwear

  • school uniform and sports uniform

  • shoes for school, shoes for sport, flip flops

  • lantern

  • sheets

  • pillow

  • blanket

  • mosquito net

  • trunk for their things, with lock

  • 2 brooms (one to sweep outside, one to sweep inside)

  • a plate, bowl, cup, knife and fork

  • a peeing bucket (for nights)

  • sweatshirt or sweater (a “luxury” I believe they need)

  • required textbooks (these can be up to $25 each, and because of the lack of funding, they often share, making studying more difficult)

  • a notepad for each of their ten subjects

  • calculator

  • dictionary

  • an eraser

  • a certain number of pens

  • a certain number of pencils

  • a sketch book

  • colored pencils

  • cement (to continue building the school?)

  • printer paper

  • cornmeal

(If they don’t bring such things, they are sent home)

Living necessities to be replenished each trimester:

  • toilet paper!

  • tooth brush

  • toothpaste

  • sanitary pads

  • soap for bathing

  • soap for laundry

  • fuel for lantern

  • tea

  • medicine (they all have ulcers, some have other conditions)

  • an allowance to buy snacks since they are only fed beans and cornmeal twice a day.


Medical: Since disease is a part of life in Uganda, it is common for the girls to need to go to the hospital to get treatment-which is unjustly expensive.


Holidays: Since the educational system allows one month holidays between trimesters, the girls that go back to their villages (which are often hours away) need money for transport to and from, plus an allowance to sustain them. Since a few of the girls have nowhere to go, or do not feel safe returning to their villages during their holidays, we rent out a hut for them to stay in.

I’m sure there are many things I have left out. I just wanted to highlight the fact that because these girls have nothing and no one, this project supports them entirely. If they had to work, they would not be able to focus on their studies, and this project is about giving them a chance. 

School Supplies