In 1986, Joseph Kony formed the "Lord's Resistance Army"; a guerrilla group, operating in Northern Uganda. Believed to have been lead by God, their intention was to “purify” the Acholi people. This lead to a genocide that would last for over 20 years. With 2 million people internally displaced, and (a recorded) 66,000 children abducted to become child soldiers and sex slaves, half the population was under the age of 18 when Founder, Jenna Wes arrived in 2011. This project is for them, and for the healing and justice of those who survived. Jospeh Kony is believed to still be at large, and has never been tried for his atrocious crimes against humanity.

As a Peace Corps volunteer, Jenna was sent to the Northern Region of Uganda, specifically because of her experience with, and passion for trauma-healing. Together with the NGO, Aid Africa, they would visit villages most affected by poverty to support the implementation of clean water sources, practices and health education. After six months of listening, learning, acclimating and asking, Jenna started a program focused on empowering the population the community deemed most vulnerable: girls of the age eligible for marriage, who had survived being abducted by the Rebel Army, and were orphaned by the war.


EDGE focuses on redistributing resources aimed to provide school fees, a safe place to live, basic necessities, medical care, and pscyhosocial support, knowing that when we have our basic needs met, we all can thrive.

We are focused on sustainable development and are entirely led by those whose lives are affected.